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Fun & Fresh Camp Portraits – Because Saying “Cheese” Doesn’t Have to be Cheesy

Remember back in the day, when school and camp portraits were so overly-posed and dorky that we all looked like frightened deer in the headlights? Photo day was never something I looked forward to as a child and I remember never liking how the prints turned out. During my fifteen years as a preschool teacher, I watched the same thing happen year after year, as I reluctantly sent home the stale, old-school photographers’ proofs to the parents. As my own interest in photography was budding and when I ultimately launched my biz, I vowed to modernize and revolutionize the look and feel of school and camp photos. I want them to be framable and memorable rather than something that sits in a drawer for 25 years, only to be pulled out for future wedding montages or to be used as blackmail. 🙂

This was an incredible summer for me – as I spent my weekends out east in the Hamptons covering beautiful & amazing charity events, in addition to very special private parties and family portraits. If I ever find the time to compile the best shots from the summer, I will post more in the coming weeks. For this entry, I’ll feature a few shots from two of the summer camps that I photographed completely on my own. By this, I mean no assistant – I photographed each and every child myself. I think the parents really appreciate my dedication to getting that perfect shot of their child, and I won’t leave this important task to anyone else. If your child’s school and/or camp is still sending home the dreadful shots of yester-century, please send them my way. Saying “cheese” doesn’t have to be cheesy.

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